Big day, small book.

Your wedding slideshow. Printed.

Simple, affordable, beautiful.

The Memory Book is a gorgeous lay-flat printed book full of the best photographs from your wedding.  Not only is it beautiful and affordable, but it’s also ridiculously simple to order. You don’t need to do anything other than click the order button below, chose one of two formats, and sit back and wait for a book full of memories from your day to arrive to your door a few weeks later.

The most affordable album I’ll ever offer

The memory book is available in two formats:

    • An 8″x8″ Highlights Memory Book containing 50 of the best images from your wedding.
    • A larger 10″x10″ Slideshow Memory Book book containing every image from your sneak peek slideshow (a minimum of 100 photos).

Once I receive your order, I’ll design a book that tells the story of your day from the family photos to the details, from the formal photoshoot to all the moments and candid images that make your wedding photographs unique to your wedding.

If you loved the wedding slideshow to music that you received from me shortly after your wedding, you’ll absolutely love your memory book.  You just have to add your own soundtrack as you look at it.

Choice of covers

The beautiful soft fabric cover comes in a range of colours – black, blue, cranberry or ash – which you can choose from when you order.

The memory book would make a perfect gift for parents, or for any family members who would love to relive your wedding day, or indeed just for yourself.   You can order as many copies as you like.

Each page opens flat to showcase your images across the full width of the spread, and the digital press technology produces vivid images and complements my style of photography very well.

If you’ve always meant get around to printing some of your photos or choosing pictures for the album, but life has been too busy, then the memory book is the perfect way to achieve that goal with practically no effort, and will live on as a printed physical reminder of the happiness of your day.


Option 1

Highlights Memory Book
    • 8"x8" lay-flat digitally printed Memory Book.
    • Holds 50 of the best images from your wedding.
    • Tells the story of your day in printed form.
    • Choice of 4 material cover colours.
    • Duplicates available for friends and family.
    • Upgrade to 10"x10" for €50.
    • Price includes VAT and shipping to a single address in Ireland.

Shipping to addresses outside Ireland charged at cost.  Specify cover colour and quantity as you order.

Option 2

Slideshow Memory Book
    • 10"x10" lay-flat digitally printed Memory Book.
    • Includes every image from your sneak peek slideshow.
    • Choice of 4 material cover colours.
    • Duplicates available for friends and family.
    • Upgrade to 12"x12" for €50.
    • Price includes VAT and shipping to a single address in Ireland.

Shipping to addresses outside Ireland charged at cost.  Specify cover colour and quantity as you order.

Frequently asked questions



What's the difference between the Highlight Memory Book and the Slideshow Memory Book?

The Highlight Memory Book will contain 50 images - it's a smaller book with fewer pages and therefore I'll pick the 50 images that best tell the story of your day - these will include a little bit of everything, from morning prep through to whenever I ended coverage, including all the key moments, the two big family photos and a good mixed of formal and candid images.

The Slideshow Memory Book is a bigger book and can hold more photos - it will contain every image that was in the slideshow I sent you within a week or two of your wedding (and a minimum of 100 images if your slideshow didn't contain 100 images). It very much is the slideshow in printed form.

Can I choose what pictures are in the book, and/or approve the layout before it goes to print?

No. To allow me to keep this as affordable as possible it's important that the process is efficient and streamlined.

If you opt for the Slideshow Memory Book, you already know what photos are going into it, and the layout will be largely chronological, grouping things together in a way that makes sense, and showcasing some of the key moments and photos from the day as larger images. If the slideshow doesn't contain 100 images, I'll add extra images from the day.

If you opt for the Highlight Memory Book, I'll be choosing 50 of your images, but if you loved your slideshow, that was the result of me making similar choices for you before you ever saw any images of your wedding, so you can hopefully trust me to do a good job of representing your day well in photographs.

If you really want a book where you choose photos and approve the layout, you can contact me to order a standard album and that's exactly the process I use for those.

When you say the Slideshow Memory Book includes every photo from my wedding slideshow - does that mean every photo you gave me for my wedding?

No. A book with every photo of your wedding would be quite a big book! The slideshow is typically what I send couples as an initial delivery before the full gallery is ready. It's hosted on my website and plays with music for 6-8 minutes usually, and has typically 100-150 images depending on the wedding.

I don't think I got a slideshow? Do you mean the blog post or Facebook post you wrote about my wedding?

If you don't think you got a slideshow, then you possibly had a sneak peek post on my Facebook page with 80-150 images. I'll typically use those, which would have already been chosen to best represent your day, but if you do order the Slideshow Memory Book and are unsure of what photos will be included, drop me a message before you order and I'll make sure you know what photos will be included.

For the Highlight Memory Book, like for any other wedding I'll chose 50 of the wedding photos that I feel best represent your day.

If I opt to upgrade the Highlight Memory Book from 8"x8" to 10"x10", or to upgrade the Slideshow Memory Book from 10"x10" to 12"x12", will there be more pictures included?

No - the upgrades for each option are simply to make the pictures bigger, rather than to squeeze more in. The upgraded sizes will have the same number of pages and photos, but make for an even better viewing experience.

Can you give me a feel for how big each book is without me needing to take out a measuring tape?


The 8"x8" book is a square that's about the width of an A4 page.

The 12"x12" book is a square that's about the height of an A4 page.

The 10"x10" book splits the difference.

By the way, those dimensions are the size of the book when closed.

I'm ordering more than one book. Can they each have different images/layouts? Or different colour covers?

Duplicates must be identical, but if you want different cover colours for the duplicates you put them through as separate orders.

If you order both types - the Highlight Memory Book and the Slideshow Memory Book - then they'll each have different layouts because they have different numbers of images.