Wedding Albums

I offer couples three types of album – traditional, storybook and coffee-table book:

Traditional Album

First up is what I call the traditional album – and the one I’ve photographed in the past – which, incidentally, is the same album that my wife and I received from our wedding photographer, and comes nicely packaged in a smart briefcase.  It’s a 14″x11″ album, taking prints that are just smaller than 12″x8″, and has up to 30 pages.  It’s only available in black.

Storybook Album

This next style of album is proving very popular with most couples who’ve seen it, and I expect to order quite a few more of these.  The album itself is more compact than the traditional album, with 12″ x 8″ prints that bleed to the edge, and one of the advantages of it (beyond its smaller size) is that it can have a variable number of pages.  The albums I’ve ordered are typically 36-40 pages, and look fab.  It comes in a range of colours, including traditional black, brown, grey and white, and more contemporary pink, blue, green, red and purple.  Each comes in a fabric pillow for protection, and it can be embossed with the bride and groom’s names if desired:

Coffee-table Books/Parent Albums

Finally, an option that is good for couples on a very tight budget, or those who don’t want the bulkier style of albums above, and also for couples looking for smaller books to give their parents or the bridal party, these coffee-table books are press-printed in the US, and available in a few different sizes, and with a variable number of pages. Printed using professional grade photography paper, and designed to last, they can be a lovely alternative to the more traditional album, and a great way of showing more than 70 images if a couple is having trouble narrowing their selection down.

And finally

Just to give you an idea of the relative sizes of these to each other, here they are photographed together:

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