I photographed what must surely be one of the weddings of the year this past weekend.  No, not that wedding – this one was even better. The day after William and Kate tied the knot in Westminster, Lynda & Michael John had what was one of the loveliest weddings imaginable.  It was a special day not just because the weather was as beautiful as you could hope for, but because every part of the day was shaped by Lynda and Michael John’s personal touch.  And with two ceremonies, not to mention a fun bride and groom who were up for a few quirky shots, there was no shortage of photo opportunities for me.  Below are some more photos from the first half of the day.

I spent the morning in Lynda’s family home in Ballinora, where I photographed the preparations, starting, as always, with the details:

I love when weddings have unusual aspects to them, because unusual makes for interesting photographs, and in this case one of the unusual aspects to the wedding was that Lynda had a bridesmaid (Jessica) and a bridesman (Ciaran) – Michael John balanced up the bridal party with a best man (Daniel Patrick) and a best woman (Ana).  Here she is helping her bridesman with his tie in the morning:

Some things are best left to the girls – here Jessica helps Lynda with the finishing touches:

Two ceremonies meant two walks up the aisle – Michael John looked more excited than nervous for both of them, especially as he waited for that first glance of his bride at the beautiful Aula Maxima in UCC:

Friends of the bride and groom were heavily involed in the whole day, and coming, as they do, from an artistic background, it was no surprise to find so much musical talent on show during the wedding.  The “choir of friends” at the Aula Maxima was, I thought, a particularly nice addition to the day:

There were more than a few guests struggling with tears of happiness as the first ceremony came to a close with an exchange of roses:

With one of the nicest days of the year, the grounds of UCC were looking stunning and provided a great backdrop for the formal photos, after which I brought Lynda and Michael John for a short stroll across the Quad to take a few bridal portraits:

I’m a big fan of a good silhouette, and the light and the happy couple both obliged to allow me to capture the shot the top of this post before we left UCC – here it is again to save you scrolling back up:

From UCC we headed to Ballinora for the second ceremony before heading in to the Imperial Hotel in the heart of Cork City for the reception. More photos from those to follow.

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