I found out last week that my blog is mentioned in the September 2010 edition of PC Live magazine, an Irish technology magazine in a feature , shown above thanks to a scan of the article by (Irish Blog Award winner) Redmum, about blogging in Ireland, with my mention shown above at the bottom of the section on photography blogs.  That appearance alongside many other blogs has prompted me (finally!) to put together a list of photography related websites and blogs that I regularly visit and that you should too.

This list is not exhaustive by any means – these are just the ones that come to mind at the time of writing.  I’ll be putting a permanent link to this post on my site (at bottom right), and will update the list over time as I remember to do so.

Ok, so in no particular order…

[Note: all links open in a new tab]

Now if that’s not enough to keep you from working, I don’t know what is!

3 Responses to “A web of photography”

  1. Wee! I’m in there, I’m in there, thanks Ronan! Lovely to see your name printed in PC Live Magazine!

  2. Congratulations, Ronan. A well deserved mention. Your blog is high up on my list !

  3. Well done Ronan, and cheers for the mention!

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