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Many of my posts in recent weeks have been images that are a little more complex to create - using High Dynamic Range processing, relying on off camera lighting, balancing flash and ambient lighting or posing models in a studio setting for instance.  So for something a little more straight forward, for today’s post I’ve chosen this nice, straight forward and easy to shoot outdoor portrait.

The subject is Laura, who has made a previous appearance on my blog (some people get all the luck!), and this shot was taken in Seville, back when I was very much a novice in the area of photography, albeit an enthusiastic one.

The photograph essentially created itself – Laura struck her own pose, the rose bush was near by for framing, the light is purely available light, and the composition is mainly by chance.  Also by chance was the fact that Laura is wearing a green top which complements in different ways both the background and the flowers.  What’s more, the camera was in automatic mode as far as I can recall.

As such, there’s not a lot to say about the shot, other than it goes to show that despite how complicated some of the processing or setups I post about here may seem, very often an image presents itself to your camera and all you, as photographer, have to do is just press the shutter.

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