Chase Jarvis summed it up nicely when he said that “the best camera is the one you have with you”.  As I headed to Croke Park on Saturday night for the second night of the visit of the U2 360 Tour to Dublin, I weighed up the pros and cons of bringing my Nikon D300 with me.  The Ticketmaster website warned that cameras with more than one lens would not be allowed.  Did this mean I’d be ok if I just brought one lens, or that cameras that could take more than one lens (i.e. SLRs) wouldn’t be allowed?  Not wanted to be turned away at the turnstiles, I left the SLR in the car, and entered Croke Park with just my mobile phone camera.

It was a mistake.  As soon as I walked in (under the sign at the venue that clarified that cameras with lenses longer than 2″ would not be allowed), I wished I had brought it with me.  And, not surprisingly, wished I had brought my fisheye lens too.

But I hadn’t, and so my phone would have to do.  My phone is the INQ1 (aka the Facebook phone) and the camera on it is rubbish, so I was very much out of my comfort zone in trying to get a photo for the blog.  But as Chase Jarvis implied – it was better than no camera.

U2 helped me out a little with the outstanding stage that they had constructed, and the visual feast of a lightshow that it put on during the concert.  I got some sharper shots earlier in the show than the one I’ve chosen to post, but they didn’t show the stage in all its glory as this one tries to do.

If you get a chance to go see them tonight in Croke Park I would highly recommend it… from start to (almost) finish it was a fantastic concert.  I say “almost” as the last song was new to me, and I found it a bit of an anti climax to finish on a slow number.  But who am I to question U2 on their set list.  My favourite moment of the show – Bono thanking the GAA for the lend of the hall.

Incidentally, others were braver than I and brought decent cameras to the gig on Saturday, and there are better photos to be seen including this magnificent photo from Brendan Burke.  Wonderful stuff.

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