As my photography has progressed I’ve found myself inclined to try something different with more shots that I take.  Part of this is a quest to find a personal style, but (and this is a contradiction of that quest) it’s also an attempt to avoid getting stuck producing the same type of images.

For instance, in general I tend to favour a higher contrast look to my images – and I guess that is therefore a characteristic of my photographic style – but every now and then I see what happens when I push the contrast slider the “wrong” way.  I tend to favour images that are at the warmer end of the colour temperature scale, but sometimes I might make an image a little cooler.  Someday I might even push both the contrast and colour temperature sliders to the left at the same time!

Another aspect to this quest for something distinct and different is to manipulate images (as opposed to process) in different ways.  This might be by applying a heavy tint, a strong vignette, an unusual crop, or in this case extra blur.

This photograph is of AT&T baseball park in San Francisco and it was taken in October 2007 from a helicopter on a tour over the city.  Eagle eyed readers might recognise the treatment I’ve done on the image as the same treatment that I gave a photograph of Seville a few months back.   That post-processing involves adding a lens blur to a selective area of the image so as to mimic the look of a tilt-shift lens and it has a miniaturising effect on the final image, making it look a little like a toy.

I like the effect for these elevated wide angle images, and am reasonably happy with what I can achieve in Photoshop without yet resorting to a tilt and shift lens to achieve this in camera.  Which is good, because tilt-shift lenses are extremely expensive.

Incidentally if any photographers out there are interested, the method I used for the image above is well summarised here.

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