I was walking past Stephen’s Green in Dublin last week and a flock of birds was circling overhead and it reminded me of a photograph I took a couple of years ago down in Timoleague in west Cork.  For a time I had that photograph as the desktop wallpaper on my PC as it had an abstract quality to it, but to post it here I decided to reprocess it, and enhance that abstract feel even further.

The result is the image you see here.  I’m not fully sure if this processing works, but I do think the photograph is well suited to an abstract treatment.  For this processing, I converted the original file to monochrome using a blue filter to effectively remove all detail from the sky (which was clear blue).  I increased the contrast, and played with the highlights and shadows to effectively make an image which has only two colours – pure black and pure white – with no (or at least very little) grey tones.

This shot would probably be interesting as a canvas.  I attended Photo Fest Ireland (the biggest photography trade show in the country) in the Crowne Plaza Conference Centre near Dublin Airport yesterday morning and one item that caught my eye was a DIY canvas solution which allows you to print on canvas from a regular photo quality printer, and then mount the canvas print on a wooden canvas frame in a fairly short time. The result looked good, and the kit is available in a range of sizes, so it is something I might experiment with in the future.

Incidentally, at the same event, I attended a seminar by Oz Kharawala of SF Digital in the UK on the business of photography and he mentioned the importance of a blog for a photographer to establish an internet presence, and suggested using it to inform readers about photography-related events that the photographer has attended, such as Photo Fest Ireland.  So don’t say I didn’t tell you!

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