I’ve wanted to go to San Francisco ever since becoming a big fan of “The Streets of San Francisco”, starring Michael Douglas back when he was his wife’s age, and Karl Malden with his big nose!  The fact that at least one of the Herbie films is set there also just adds to its appeal.  So when I did get to go there on my honeymoon, having the opportunity to take a helicopter tour was a real treat.

It goes without saying that I spent a lot of the flight looking out through the lens of my camera, but I did take time to soak up the views with my own eyes.  The weather was perfect for our trip, the usual fog in the bay had lifted for a couple of days and the flight started by flying under the Golden Gate bridge!  We went up the bay and turned to fly over the downtown area.  As we headed towards the baseball stadium, the view in this photograph presented itself.  

The clarity and the detail in this photograph still astounds me, given it was taken with the kit lens on a Nikon D50.  The light was perfect that day, the angle we approached the city at lent itself to a good composition with the diagonal lines of the streets drawing your eye into the photograph, and the sheer expanse of the city makes for (in my mind at least) a great aerial subject.

Now that mention of Herbie has given me an idea for tomorrow’s post…

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