I’ve been hooked on skiing since I first tried it about 4 years ago and have been fortunate enough to go every winter since.  This year I went on a family trip with my in-laws to Meribel in France.   It was a great opportunity for photographs of course so I had a backpack with me most days.  My brother-in-law Darragh opted to snowboard for the week and near the end of the week I captured this photo of him as he neared the bottom of one of the slopes.

The photo was one from a burst of 5 or 6 – this particular one had the best combination of pose and sharpness in the set.  A little work in Aperture brought up the contrast and made it “pop” a little more.

I entered this in the February 2009 round of the DCC colour print league.  The judge liked the sharpness but would have rathered more saturation in the sky.  Horses for courses really – I feel the muted sky allows the subject stand out and fits well with the undersaturated look that snow naturally has.

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